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Supermicro offers a wide range of prebuilt server combinations where they have mated their best selling cases and high performance motherboards together to provide an error free starting point for a top line server. These server systems lack any processor, memory, disk drives and other accessory items like video cards or raid adapters.

Colorado Servers can configure these prebuilt Superservers using your configuration guidelines. Many time our customers don't need the top of the line processor which can cost 2-3 times that of a model only -10% to -20% slower. These cost considerations should be taken into account when planning your server acquisition.

Depending on the task assigned to the server a nominal amount of memory may be sufficient compared to huge memory requirements of large database servers. Memory can be configured to fit your needs and still stay within your budget.

Hard drives, whether IDE, SATA or SCSI represent a sizeable investment in some of today's storage hungry servers. We can configure your server with the best mix of devices and sizes to fit your needs.

The most common type of rack mount Superserver we sell is the dual Xeon 1U rackmount. Xeon processors up to 3.2ghz with a 533mhz front side bus are the most cost effective platforms for normal tasks. The newer versions offer processor speeds up to 3.6ghz and an 800mhz front side bus. Storage options range from 2-4 drives utilizing IDE, SATA or SCSI. This server is suited to simple application tasks requiring power, low amounts of storage and limited rack space.

The real workhorse of the group is the 2U server where power and performance is mated with additional storage options. The 2U case can be fitted with the cost effective mid life boards and processors or the top of the line models. Storage consists of six drives of either IDE, SATA or SCSI. Cooling and power are both double and triple redundant to prevent outages and costly equipment failures. Power can be configured as hot swapable to enable replacements without going offline.

Moving to a 3U or 4U model offers dramatic improvements in storage capacity with 8-15 hot swap SCSI or SATA drives. The added case height also enables a wider variety of add in cards to complement the wide range of processor options.

Whatever your need, Colorado Servers can configure a Supermicro server to fit you requirements and your budget.

Trust the professionals at Colorado Servers to do the job right, on time and at the right price.

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