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When data centers close there is typically a fire sale where in the haste to close up shop the IT department offers equipment to employees, friends, business associates and eventually strangers on the street. More often than not your valuable data ends up in the hands of unknown people and sometimes in the wrong hands. This is not the way to maximize recovery of your investment. Using Colorado Servers Liquidation Services is a much better alternative.

We can inventory your equipment in advance or work off your prepared list. We can tell you in advance what each piece is worth and how to maximize your recovery value. Many times the majority of servers need only a minor refurb in order to be resold and put back into service by someone else. Sometimes a minor upgrade in processor, memory or storage is all that is needed to double the value of an existing server asset. We can give you those choices well in advance of your liquidation date. When the time comes to close the doors all the decisions have already been made.

Secure Data Disposal

We will pickup your servers at the appointed time and store them in our protected warehouse as the liquidation begins. We will carefully wipe all the drives to erase not only your leftover data but any operating systems and database software that would be illegal to transfer to a new buyer.

Once refurbed they will be sold to new clients using every means at our disposal and our best efforts to maximize your investment. You are spared the hassle, confusion, technical hurdles, legal problems and accounting issues. You call us one time and the monkey is off your back forever.

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