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Colorado Servers sells only the SuperMicro family of products but that family encompasses a world of diversity. The top of the line motherboards today utilize the EM64T technology with an 900mhz front side bus and the dual channel DDRII memory. These top of the line boards produce screaming performance for compute intensive applications.

From the state of the art in speed and power to cost effective server boards utilizing the Intel Pentium III and everything in between Supermicro does it best. Let us build a server for you to fit your requirements and your budget.

You do not need to know or understand all the Supermicro solutions. Tell us your requirements and we will match the right solution to your needs.

Xeon 7100/7000

Xeon 5300/5100/5000

Xeon 800MHz FSB

Xeon 533MHz FSB

Pentium 4 Solutions

Itanium 2 Solutions

Trust the professionals at Colorado Servers to do the job right, on time and at the right price.

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