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Colorado Servers sometimes purchases used Supermicro equipment for resale. Supermicro servers typically have a longer life expectancy than many other brands. They are highly upgradable and nearly indestructable. However, needs of the individual organisations do change.

If your needs have changed we would like to inventory your used equipment for you and provide you with an estimate of the recovery value. Depending on the age, quantity and condition of your equipment we can buy it outright or refurb it and resell it for you through our liquidation services operation.

If you have used Supermicro servers gathering dust in your computer room let us help you clear that space and turn it into new money. Normally, the money received from selling used equipment is not earmarked for any current budget need and can be spent however the IT manager sees fit. Call us today and see what that dead server iron is worth.


Please give us an idea of what type of servers you have and the general quantity. We will contact you to discuss the details.

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