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Colorado Servers provides primarily SuperMicro servers for its customers along Colorado's Front Range but caters to a wide variety of U.S. customers as well.

We believe that the Supermicro product is the top of the line in price, performance an ease of maintenance. Unlike other proprietary products
the Supermicro line is very easy to configure due to the component interchangeability of the product line. Most Supermicro offerings are available in either IDE, SATA or SCSI configurations. Cases are interchangeable to some extent to allow growth expansion without
having to completely replace the unit.

There is also a ready aftermarket in used Supermicro equipment, which provides lasting value for your investment. Servers purchased today retain their value for years to come unlike many other vendors.

Supermicro products are exceptionally well engineered to provide strong ventilation while keeping sound levels as low as possible. Double and triple redundant power supplies and redundant cooling provides a broad margin of safety and reliable uptime for the life of the product.

If your data and your commitment to constant availability is paramount to your company then Supermicro is the only server product to consider.

Trust the professionals at Colorado Servers to do the job right, on time and at the right price.

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