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Preowned Equipment

The quality of Supermicro equipment provides an active secondary market for mid-life servers. Colorado Servers does not make it a practice to inventory used equipment but sometimes we do take replaced equipment in on trade. This equipment is thourghly tested, refurbished and reconfigured where needed and then resold.

Technology is constantly changing but not every customer needs the latest state of the art equipment to perform mundane tasks. Mid-life cycle equipment can be upgraded with faster processors, more memory and additional storage to provide many more years of faithful service. We maintain listings of this reowned equipment on our website for interested buyers.

Liquidation Services

Data center managers have more important things to worrk about than selling obsolete computer equipment. For this reason we offer our liquidation service. Obsolete equipment is inventoried with analysis as to value as working servers and as component parts. Some equipment is more valuable when stripped and sold as parts while other servers can be reconfigured and provide many more years of service. We will provide the customer with an expected recovery value and either buy the equipment outright or reconfigure/remarket the equipment for the customer on a fee basis. Remarketing could include refurbing, reconfiguring, upgrading, stripping and recycling of all components.

Colorado Servers maintains an active auction presence and prices received represent the true value of the equipment on the market today. Don't waste your time trying to push used equipment off on your employees and business associates. It is not cost effective and normally detrimental the overall IT effort.

Trust the professionals at Colorado Servers to do the job right, on time and at the right price.

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