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Colorado Servers sells only the SuperMicro family of products. We have over 250 servers in inventory already preconfigred but it has been our experience that each customer has different needs. Instead of just offering the standard off the shelf selection we pride ourselves on tuning each one to your needs.

Configured to Your Specifications

Each server is configured to your specifications, preloaded with a Windows server operating system and tested for 48 hours before getting our stamp of approval. It is then boxed in the manufacturers original packing and delivered to you your door by our trained staff on the Front Range. We lovingly build each piece of equipment and would rather avoid it being pre tested for stress by a UPS driver. Those customers not lucky enough to work on Colorado's Front Range will have their server packed with additional padding but delivered by UPS. We will ship them anywhere in the U.S. and we fully insure each item should the worst occur.

Liquidation Service, Asset Recovery

Colorado Servers also offers a liquidation service for used, obsolete or repossessed equipment. You have more important things to worry about than parting out servers, finding buyers and dealing with complaints. We can handle that process for you and assure you get full value up front for your excess equipment. We buy individual servers or entire installations. If necessary we can de-install the equipment anywhere in the USA. This is great for banks or leasing companies who have seized assets and don't have the staff to handle the removal.

Preowned Equipment is Cost Effective

Colorado Servers also offers pre-owned equipment for those on a budget but still needing to get the job done. Each pre-owned server is methodically checked and refurbished to showroom new and carries our full 90-day warranty. Pre-owned servers can also be configured to fit your individual needs.

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