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Colorado Servers provides SuperMicro servers primarily for customers along Colorado's Front Range but caters to a wide variety of U.S. customers as well.

Our philosphy is to be good at one thing and do it over and over again. We do not stock every available Supermicro product because as we all know technology ages faster than today's newspaper. If we had products gathering dust on our shelf then human nature dictates that we try to sell you the products we need to unload rather than what you need for your requirements. We maintain inventory only on the products that customers are buying repeatedly and when those requirements change so does our inventory.

We can configure and deliver most popular servers in 48-72 hours from time of order. Large orders or specific requirements may extend that window.

In today's Internet world anybody with a keyboard can order components with a mouse click and feel like they have done their job. However most datacenter managers realize that the upgrade task is just beginning. Coordinating the arrival of the right components, many times from different vendors, organizing the build process and carving out the time from a busy IT schedule is only the second time consuming step. Once those components are fitted together the problems normally appear. Murphy was an optimist when it comes to assembling related components into a state of the art server. For those who don't do it on a daily basis the process if full of pitfalls. Mating servers, parts and software into a smooth trouble free system is not an easy task. Installing the right drivers at the right time, configuring the BIOS, formatting hard drives and interfacing with SCSI/SATA controllers can take hours and those hours can turn into days for those not intimately familar with the process. Each misstep can cost several hours of "do overs". Trust us, we have made those mistakes too many times in the past.

We believe that data center managers and IT support personnel have far more important things to do than spend hours searching through motherboard manuals looking for that key bit of trivia that has escaped them and prevented a successful upgrade. We do this for a living and 4-6 hours of setup on each server is good average. IT personnel that don't do this on a daily basis can spend 20-24 hours on the same task. Why waste their valuable time when we can deliver it to your door, configured to your specs, entirely headache free?

Trust the professionals at Colorado Servers to do the job right, on time and at the right price.

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